the idea

Five stray minutes is about taking five timed minutes to write whatever comes to mind, then using the next five minutes to get that text into shape and post it here. Do that every day or whenever and as often as you like.

Why do this?


  • you’re giving yourself space to hone your creative writing skills
  • it will help you focus on how you use words to order and transform your thoughts, ideas and senses
  • you want to add clear verbal expression and descriptive power to your voice
  • you have two bouts of five stray minutes to join together to make something just so
  • reasons

The vague plan

I thought a few people you would like to join me in this communal blog, where you can post your contributions under your own name or pseudonym whenever you like. You’ll need to log in with a password to do so, and that can be arranged.

Obviously, you retain copyright of anything you write that gets posted here. As such, you are free to share whatever you post on other social media platforms. Conversely, you can cross-post from material on your own blog. 

There is zero tolerance on plagiarism. Simply always acknowledge your source .

You tag all posts with #fivestrayminutes and any other tag you want. As to Categories, let’s create these as we go along.


This is a space to encourage each other in the common goal of writing better, five minutes at a time. This means that contributors behave decently towards one another, and are free like or comment on each other’s posts.

You stick within the parameters of a timed five minutes of writing plus five minutes to edit and post. The rest is up to you.

You don’t have to post an image with your piece of writing. If you feel the need, however, and can do that within the second five minutes, then all power to you!

We will need an image to associate with your contributor name, but that is about it.

The point is to keep things open, free and easy.

Would you like to contribute?

I thought a few contributors (say ten, roughly) initially would be workable. If we have already met in person or online, all the better! If it is just me for the moment, then that’s okay too.

If you’d like to be contributor, then comment below, or communicate with me as you usually would. Let’s get writing!

©2019 Allison Wright

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2 thoughts on “the idea

  1. This is a wonderful idea! And very coincidental because I just finished reading “Dreyer’s English.” Benjamin Dreyer is the copy chief at Random House and the book was hilarious! It was also a great guide to US English writing, by the way. 😉


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