The Trap (Part 2)

“You know”, he said, while also slowly sitting down, “today is my birthday….”

“Oh, how wonderful! Let’s celebrate that. We go somewhere for a glass of champagne.”  

“But… we just got here. I want to celebrate here with you.”

“No”, she insisted, “first we must go out. I want to drink with you, somewhere in a bar. We come back here afterwards, I promise! Just half an hour. Come on, don’t be cheap.” She tried her best smile.

A short silence, then he took a breath and agreed. But nothing was over yet. Sitting at the bar, he looked at her: “Congratulations, you managed to get out of my apartment. But what now, little flower?”

She looked around. People were chatting, drinking, and laughing together. Would anybody believe her, if she asked for help?

That’s when genius stroke her. She knew where to take him to find safety.

(To be continued)

Copyright 2019 Andrea Bernard

words: 154, writing and editing intermingled: 15 minutes


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