Appearances can be Deceptive

Appearances can be so deceptive, One of the books I am currently reading features a pretty young lady who everyone loves, but she has to be careful with everything because she has superhuman strength and crush a person’s hand just by shaking it, or shatter a wine glass while relaxing with friends. This book reminds me of an incident while I was working in a shop some years ago. A very scruffy and smelly bearded gent came in, wearing badly fitting filthy clothes. luckily he walked right past my section. He asked for help at another counter bought what he wanted, and left. Afterwards I was told that when he came in again, I was to find whatever he wanted because he was the richest person in the area, owned a lot of property, and was more or less a hermit, only venturing from the hovel that he lived in when he absolutely had to. Since then I look at tramps and wonder.

More recently I saw a shop called Teknicolor. Very smart black and gold fascia with the name in a modern font. In the window were three colour plates of full length fashion models. I thought that this was a photographic studio, or at least an expensive camera shop. But no! It was a unisex hairdresser / barber shop. Appearances really can be deceptive.


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