I always try to see the best in people, and when they do something I don’t expect I try to find a reason for it. So when I am on a packed bus, with no seats available, I have to assume that the two young teenagers sitting in the disabled and elderly priority seats have something wrong with them. So that must be why they sat there for the whole journey, while a number of elderly people stood, clinging into the rails for dear life, while the driver practised his F1 strategies and driving skills – Including trying to take corners on 2 wheels.

If I had been sitting in those seats I would have been using my iPad, so I can’t complain about them using their mobiles the whole time to play games. Nor can I really say anything about their tight black lycra track suits and pure white tee shirts. if I was that slim I might have been dressed like that too. And for all I know they were going to work and that was their uniform.

However, there is such a thing as Karma. As the bus started slowing and coming into the terminus, they started to get up and found me and my case planted across the aisle, trapping them in their seats. I really enjoyed that. And so did the other elderly passengers, who were able to pass me as I turned sideways and lent forward over the teens, and the young mum with the difficult double buggy!

Satisfaction. Job done.


Manners on the Bus

Noise Again but Louder

Once again I am. Sitting in the Clubhouse, and once again I am being deafened by noise. This time by pop music, some of which is my favourites fro the 70s and 80s. Did we play this music so loud then? When did legislation about decibel levels come in? So now I can here you asking why I should subject myself to this. Well the answer is simple really; this is the only place where I cN get reliable wi-fi when I am away from home. I can’t always rely on mobile data either. So I come to the clubhouse in 30 or 45 minute bursts. Otherwise I cannot check emails or websites or even ebay. But most importantly I can’t upload to five stray minutes!.. Now to upload and then my suffering will be done for the day!

Appearances can be Deceptive

Appearances can be so deceptive, One of the books I am currently reading features a pretty young lady who everyone loves, but she has to be careful with everything because she has superhuman strength and crush a person’s hand just by shaking it, or shatter a wine glass while relaxing with friends. This book reminds me of an incident while I was working in a shop some years ago. A very scruffy and smelly bearded gent came in, wearing badly fitting filthy clothes. luckily he walked right past my section. He asked for help at another counter bought what he wanted, and left. Afterwards I was told that when he came in again, I was to find whatever he wanted because he was the richest person in the area, owned a lot of property, and was more or less a hermit, only venturing from the hovel that he lived in when he absolutely had to. Since then I look at tramps and wonder.

More recently I saw a shop called Teknicolor. Very smart black and gold fascia with the name in a modern font. In the window were three colour plates of full length fashion models. I thought that this was a photographic studio, or at least an expensive camera shop. But no! It was a unisex hairdresser / barber shop. Appearances really can be deceptive.

Fifteen minutes to Go

In fifteen minutes I have to go out and I wonder what I can do in those minutes. The laundry is done and drying, the dishes are done and the bed is made. Writing this blog should take five minutes so here we are. Writing, my favourite pastime. It is so satisfying when challenges are reached and overcome. It makes me feel that I have achieved something and can stand tall and say – yes, I have done that. I tried to instil that feeling into my sons as well. I’m happy to say they did grow up with that ethic and are now teaching their own children the same thing. Just look where five minutes of typing has taken me – from laundry to ethics. Editing done, its time for me to post, pick up my bag and depart.

Waiting and Watching

As I write this I am sitting by a floor to ceiling window watching the road and the shops opposite. Directly opposite is a shop with a signboard proclaiming that it was established in 1940. The fascia board is painted black, lettered in gold in 1940′ s style. Below the name is the word ‘victualler’ which is a good old word later replaced by ‘grocer’, though I’m not sure that the two words mean exactly the same thing any more. This shop appears to be a butcher now, with promotional cards for lamb, and a pretty picture of a soft white lamb in the window, along with a fluffy chick, which is half the size of the lamb, and a green leprechaun or elf, who is a little bigger than the lamb.

Since 07:30 am two people inside the shop have been very busy, cleaning, tidying, arranging, re-arranging and serving and chatting to the seven customers during the past hour and a half. The rain came down harder for a few minutes and sawdust was spread across the floor at the door – very 1940’s.

A good way to have a pleasant break with lots of toast and coffee.


Sitting in a clubhouse, or member’s entertainment space, during kids disco hour. The noise in incredible here at the back of the room. The kids, mostly littleys, are up in front of the stage. The DJ is talking with Microphone, above the music. The kids are loving it, but at this decibel level are the kids being deafened? I’m glad that I don’t have children any more. I am happy to be a spoil sport.

Internet Addiction?

The World Wide Web. The internet. Wi-fi. Mobile data. Websites. Blogs. Emails. Facebook. Twitter. News. Online. Wikipedia, search engines. Networks, Servers. Documents. Spreadsheets.

All words and actions that are embedded in our daily lives. Without them how would we ever manage our lives, careers, business, hobbies. Until you go offline! After six days away with almost no connection, and even that little bit in chunks of about five minutes a couple of times a day I am feeling frustrated, and irritable, and wondering if this is what addiction feels like. Only two more days to go and then I will be back with automatic connection to what ever device I switch on. That’s the plan. Even all of them together if I want. I live in hope.

Coat Hangers Like to Party

I like to keep my clothes on hangers. Different types for dIfferent things. It follows that I have a lot of hangers in plastic, wood and wire of all shapes and colours. I keep them on an accessible shelf, stacked neatly and ready for use. But coat hangers like to party; I know this must be the case because every time I want a hanger or two they are all mixed up and, very often, tangled up, sometimes one or two are on the floor. Who does this? I am the only one who uses them so the obvious answer is that hangers like to party when no one is around to hear them. Or perhaps they all like to mix and mingle in a struggle for superiority. Do you also have party-going, or aggressive, clothes hangers?