Waiting and Watching

As I write this I am sitting by a floor to ceiling window watching the road and the shops opposite. Directly opposite is a shop with a signboard proclaiming that it was established in 1940. The fascia board is painted black, lettered in gold in 1940′ s style. Below the name is the word ‘victualler’ which is a good old word later replaced by ‘grocer’, though I’m not sure that the two words mean exactly the same thing any more. This shop appears to be a butcher now, with promotional cards for lamb, and a pretty picture of a soft white lamb in the window, along with a fluffy chick, which is half the size of the lamb, and a green leprechaun or elf, who is a little bigger than the lamb.

Since 07:30 am two people inside the shop have been very busy, cleaning, tidying, arranging, re-arranging and serving and chatting to the seven customers during the past hour and a half. The rain came down harder for a few minutes and sawdust was spread across the floor at the door – very 1940’s.

A good way to have a pleasant break with lots of toast and coffee.


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