The Trap (Part 4)

Now that he was hooked, she had to proceed carefully. 

“There is one catch though”, she continued, “you have to follow a dress code. Jeans and t-shirt won’t do.” 

He examined her face, looking for clues if this was true. 

“Come on, it’s a fetish club! We go to your place and I wait outside while you change quickly.”

“No, you come with me while I change.”

“Hell, no! I wait outside.”

Would he buy it?

When they reached his apartment, he went inside, turning around a few times to see whether she was still there, then disappeared.

She counted to ten. Then fifteen. Then turned around and ran. Didn’t stop for half an hour, running and turning corners, not looking behind her, now feeling the panic and anger that she had successfully suppressed all evening. It was over.

Copyright 2019 Andrea Bernard

139 words, writing: 10 minutes, editing: 2 minutes


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