Are we somewhere pressing our own buttons?

What if life was just a hologram, and we all created our own reality?  A sort of  Minecraft where you could recreate the real world, exploring it it all the while for entertainment and educational satisfaction, or even to score points. A game where we choose our friends and partners like chess pieces; a rook to teach us complex moves; a pawn to do our bidding? Maybe we are somewhere else, pressing our own buttons.

My littlest niece once asked me to play Minecraft with her. We built dens and fires from pixels all morning, sitting on the sofa. When I told her I used to do that at her age in real life, in the woods, she didn’t believe me.

She asked, “Real woods?”

How do you know the difference between the real woods and the Minecraft woods?” I asked her.

She said, “I don’t know.”

Sometimes, nor do I.


One thought on “Are we somewhere pressing our own buttons?

  1. I read an article the other day (I think it was in the Times or New Yorker) discussing this very idea.

    Also, this has just yesterday come up as a thought in one of my gaming groups, after we (as players) tried to figure out (in vain) the story that we were playing. Someone said: What if we are all just figments of imagination of a dreamer, or,worse, each of us simply reprensents one aspect of them? It was a strange conversation and I had fallen asleep on the couch, just waking up to snatchtes of it. Quite the strange, surreal experience, and your piece just brought that back to me.

    Also: Matrix 🙂


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