Every morning, every single morning, I practice some Yoga asana. Now, I read the literature and this is, apparently, not a good thing. In fact it may even endanger physical health. The danger lies in the repetition, day in and day out. In my favour, I do vary the asana although there are three or four postures that I do every, single, day. Sometimes I put in more effort and other days I’m more relaxed.

So, where’s the conflict? Do I carry on as I have for the past two or three decades or do I cease forthwith? I am used to doing this daily practice and I enjoy the physical and mental stimulation.

I tend to believe a lot of what I read on the Internet and that is probably my downfall. Maybe I’m just a silly old woman in need of some different interests. Retirement is not all it is made out to be.

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4 thoughts on “Conflicted

  1. my friend’s mother – 93 – has done her yoga asana exercises every day for over 60 years – only had to stop recently as becomes more frail. Not sure why it would be bad to have a daily practice that you enjoy, and makes you feel good, could in any way be damaging to your health. Some sour grapes on the Internet spoiler site!

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    1. This is the article that had me questioning my daily practice. It is from a reputable source. I realise that the researcher is talking about yoga teachers who teach a couple of classes a day and many classes a week. It is, I think, the extreme repetition that is dangerous. I have become more gentle with myself and I think that is important. Anyway, see what you think.


  2. yes – not your situation I think! Like anything that over stresses the body, damage can be caused. Never would have imagined yoga to be among the exercises that can harm if over used.. but the article makes sense!


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